#WitchWeek2022 wrap-up, plus …


Well, that’s it for 2022, our Witch Week exploration of fantasy offerings from around the world! As promised we travelled from the New World to the Old, from East to West, and across six of the inhabited continents in our quest to celebrate polychromancy. We hope you enjoyed the ride!

Co-host Lizzie and I would first like to thank our debut contributors Daphne and Mallika who introduced us to fantasy from southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent; then there are those who so willingly joined in the discussion on Zen Cho’s Malaysia-set novel Black Water Sister: Daphne and Malika again but also Jean and Lory, providing keen insights and personal responses.

I would especially like to express my gratitude to Lizzie who undertook much of the editing while I’ve been involved with several musical commitments, and also furnished not one but two posts to add to our roster.

Then, as in times past, we’re also grateful to citizens of the social media world, who added comments and questions;
• those who may have tweeted / Facebooked / Instragrammed links to our posts, and who included pingbacks, links, and reviews on their own blogs;
• and we mustn’t neglect mentions of readers from the world’s four corners who’ve viewed posts or even just ‘liked’ them!

And, finally, once again, a special nod of appreciation to Lory, who seven years ago started this annual celebration of Diana Wynne Jones and fantasy fiction. The first wonderful series of Witch Weeks appeared on Lory’s former blog, the Emerald City Book Review, between 2014 and 2017; since she’s moved to her new website they may be available if you search its archive:

2017: Dreams of Arthur
2016: Made in America
2015: New Tales from Old
2014: Diana Wynne Jones

She then entrusted it all to Lizzie and myself for the last five years. Here are links to our previous posts:

2021: Treason and Plot
2020: Gothick
2019: Villains
2018: Fantasy & Feminism

And now it’s time to reveal 2023’s theme: it’s … Cryptozoo! The Greek origins of the word cryptic indicate something hidden while cryptozoology, usually characterised as pseudoscience, can be defined as the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.

There is a huge subculture investigating unknown, legendary, or extinct animals, including popular folklore creatures such as Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, dragons and so on. Our Cryptozoo is likely to mainly feature fabulous creatures found in fantasy literature, travellers’ tales, heraldry, myth and legend but may still offer surprise exhibits.

The zoo will be formally opened during Witch Week 2023, and admission will be free, so we hope to see you all again then!


23 thoughts on “#WitchWeek2022 wrap-up, plus …

  1. Thanks to you and Lizzie for making this a wonderful experience. I enjoyed participating very much both in the book discussion and through my own post, and the introductions to different works this week’s posts have given me. Am still catching up with the posts of course🙂

    Cryptozoo is a fantastic choice–right up my alley. Can’t wait for Witch Week 2023!

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    1. Thanks so much, Mallika, that’s exactly what we aim to do with Witch Week, following Lory’s example of making the event a wonderful experience every year! The book discussion is always rewarding – and with Lizzie’s skilful editing the published version is always seamless! – but of course it’s the guest posters (as well as those participating in the discussion) who are the jewels in the crown.😊

      Lizzie suggested the idea behind Cryptozoo, so I’m glad you agree with this choice for 2023 – I already have an idea for what I might offer…

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      1. “Seamless”? Well, like making sausage, editing the discussion is a process better left invisible.

        Big thanks to you, Chris, too, for all you’ve done to keep this going. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. I’m looking forward to next year’s focus on fantastic beasts.

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    2. I’ll add my thanks as well, Mallika, for your contributions to Witch Week 2022. It was so great to have you on the team this year, and I hope you’ll come back soon. Maybe next year? Something about yetis and/or other South Asian cryptids? It’s never too early to start thinking about Witch Week!

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      1. I’ll be delighted to join in. Will start looking up possible books (the only one that immediately came to mind, as I’d mentioned to Chris was Tintin in Tibet which features a Yeti, but I’m sure there are several others that fit the bill).

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    1. Witch Weeks went by so fast when you ran them too, Lory, though we both know how much preparation is required beforehand – even with two of us involved! Next year’s event looks to be also one in which we’re spoilt for choice with potential topics….😁

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  3. I have made a note of a few books that interested me this year and hope to get back to Black Water Sister soon. And I hope my life takes a better turn so I can participate more next year. What an exciting theme! I love this topic and already a title has come to mind!

    I know organizing Witch Week is time consuming and a labor of love, so hats off to Chris and Lizzie for the time you so freely give to the book community for this yearly event.

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    1. Appreciate your appreciation, Laurie! And of course we all hope that physically things will look up for you sooner rather than later. Hope you enjoy completing BWS when you can manage and that you’ll share the title you have in mind for next year!

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  4. Fantastic week, Chris and Lizzie. Thank you. You’ve given me great suggestions to read this coming year, and I can’t wait to explore the ones you present next year.

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    1. So glad you got so much from this week, J, and though some might grumble at Witch Week suggestions adding greatly to their wishlist of titles you’re clearly a glutton for more reading matter! We’ll do our best to satisfy your insatiable literary desires in 2023…

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