Dido in Petworth

Modern road map of part of West Sussex

The latest in a series of posts exploring the background to Joan Aiken’s The Cuckoo Tree, set in an alternative history in which Hanoverian kings never reigned in Britain, despite attempts to usurp the Stuart throne

We last saw Dido Twite flitting between Tegleaze Manor and Dogkennel Cottages in an effort to ensure Captain Hughes’ recovery from illness and a road accident while also attempting to get an urgent dispatch to London. We now turn our attention to the West Sussex town of Petworth, where Dido meets more obstacles. In addition it’s the town where Joan Aiken herself had a strong connection, as we shall discover.

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Further fiends and friends

Elephant’s howdah, presented to her majesty by the Newab Nazim, The Illustrated Exhibitor Guide to the Great Exhibition, 1851

The second part of the Who’s Who of Joan Aiken’s The Cuckoo Tree, in which we venture to Petworth and to London, and encounter strangers and friends
Warning! Ahead lurk many more spoilers . . .

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