What is truth?

The original banner title of Pravda, the Russian Communist Party newspaper

If — somehow or other — you’ve missed it, there has been much in the news and elsewhere about truth, post-truth and fake news. This concern with what counts as fact, what is factoid and what is downright lies is nothing new, nor is the dissembling that goes along with it, though it’s certainly been in very sharp focus in recent days, weeks and months. Here are ten quotes or thoughts about Truth, offered in the hopes of clarity:

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Brought to book

Crickhowell bridge
The longest stone bridge in Wales at Crickhowell

It’s high time I gave you an update on how one small town engages with the world of books. I’ve mentioned Crickhowell in Powys, Wales before as a place where a love of books takes pride of place. Time now to say how it responds to perceived and real threats where books are concerned, but first some positive news!
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CrickLit: neologism


CrickLit. Yes, you read right: ‘CrickLit’, not chick lit.

This is the name for the inaugural Crickhowell Literary Festival which takes place between the 3rd and 11th October 2015. Organised by the owners of the delightful little bookshop Book-ish (“a wonderful place to buy books, toys and gifts”) it’s fantastic to know that a small town of about two thousand folks can host a week-long celebration of all things literary.

Yes, I know that Hay-on-Wye — another Powys town of roughly the same size — already has an extremely successful literary festival which has being going since 1988. But Crickhowell’s initial foray into this field has already, even before it’s begun, had to be expanded from three days to a whole week! What is it about these liminal Welsh Marches towns that seems to favour literary fervour?

The speakers include quite a few well-known names, many with a Welsh connection: Owen Sheers, Emma Chapman, Jasper Fforde and Deborah Moggach. But don’t take my word for it — head over to the website and see the range that’s on offer. But hurry, tickets are apparently going fast …