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Calmgrove is essentially a book review blog. Since my strapline is “Exploring the world of ideas through books” I discuss, as well as reviewing books, aspects of reading — for example genre styles, scriptwriting, bookmarks, reading challenges and so on — but this blog’s principal focus is the book itself.

I publish reviews about pretty anything I fancy at any given time: sometimes historical non-fiction or fantasy, other times classics or drama. My only proviso is that the discussion revolves around real books, not that I have anything against ebooks but because I personally find electronic readers difficult to get on with. So I don’t review ebooks. I can’t emphasise that enough!

My reviews are about ideas, because this is what I find stimulating: characterisation, structure, poetical language, motifs, narrative, worldbuilding. I hope this is what attracts followers to my blog and encourages them to engage in the books reviewed, and so I hope and expect your book to be full of ideas!

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Books recently received for review (link to completed review)

Kathryn L Ramage ‘The Abrupt Disappearance of Cousin Wilfrid’ Storylandia: The Wapshott Journal of Fiction 16 2015

Erik Von Norden Theory of Irony: How Jesus Led to Moon Golf 2015

Phyllis Edgerly Ring The Munich Girl Whole Sky Books 2015

Ana Salote Oy Yew Mother’s Milk Books 2013

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