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Seeing somebody who used their popularity on social media to sell skincare products described as a skinfluencer I wondered if I could reinvent myself on the interweb thingy using a suitably catchy portmanteau term. Here are some roles I came up with.

* Someone who promotes science and the work of scientists: a boffinfluencer.
* A promoter of fair pay for key health workers and nurses: a caringfluencer.
* Somebody who seeks to persuade everybody that unknown spirit powers control the world: a djinnfluencer.
* A fanatic adherent of the theory of herd immunity: a fluinfluencer, short for ‘influenza influencer’.
* A promoter of total hedonism: what else but a sinfluencer?
* A believer in the theory that we were all separated at birth by evil behavioural scientists: a twinfluencer.
* An optimist who believes that we can all accomplish anything so long as we believe in ourselves: a winwinfluencer.

Do I have what it takes to be a trendsetter? What product should I promote? Whom should I get to sponsor me? Answers below — but first, send money.

Actually, don’t bother. I’d rather be a grinfluencer. 😁

26 thoughts on “Going viral

    1. I agree, Deb, in my opinion they’re the equivalent of the old snake oil salesmen for the most part. Luckily, like ads on social media generally, I can ignore them knowing full well that there are a lot of middlemen making a lot of money on the back of whatever product’s being promoted.


  1. You have to think of popular appeal if you want to make serous money. I have several lucrative opportunities for you:
    Weight loss thinfluencer
    Funerals coffinfluencer
    Body building masculinfluencer
    Psychic consults destinfluencer
    Trips to the Arctic penguinfluencer

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    1. Excellent! I fancy the psychic consulting job but I have an inkling someone else has now got the franchise…

      Have you thought of setting up an agency for people wishing to fill these key roles? It could be called something snappy like — I don’t know — We Help You Fiddle While Rome Burns. On second thoughts, that’s probably too honest and so won’t do. .


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