Going Gothick

A quick reminder that Witch Week begins in roughly three weeks time. This runs from Hallowe’en to Bonfire Night, an event first begun by Lory Hess on The Emerald City Book Review, and is an annual series of guest posts.

Inspired by a fantasy by Diana Wynne Jones (called, naturally, Witch Week) this year’s event features Gothick as a theme, the perfect choice for this season.

This year my co-curator Lizzie Ross is hosting (I hosted last year) and I will be pointing you to her blog LizzieRossWriter.com for the posts: here’s her advance notice of what’s to come. Offerings lined up cover a range of literary areas, including a group read of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, but there’s much, much more!

In other news, this arrived in the post this morning, a Certificate of Higher Education in Creative Writing Studies from Aberystwyth University

21 thoughts on “Going Gothick

    1. They’re both brilliant, Nicola, but I think The Ocean at the End of the Lane is even better! Still, Gaiman does write vivid villains: the man Jack, the Other Mother with her button eyes …

      My review of Ashworth is scheduled for tomorrow, by the way, if you’re interested!

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    1. To be fair, though it’s inspired by Diana Wynne Jones’s book, Witch Week doesn’t always feature her work; it did last year but I think there may only be a passing mention this time. And thank you!

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    1. This course didn’t involve a summer school (we just had to complete the requisite number of modules, including three core components) but imagine that those schools would’ve been something to look forward to!

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    1. Thanks, Paula! If you’re referring to the certificate, though, I fear that this was the result of five years weekly attendance, mostly two terms a year, and the required number of modules were completed by Christmas last year, well before lockdown! But I’ve missed the live interaction in classes, online doesn’t do it for me.

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    1. I intend to, even though the modules don’t count towards the equivalent of a second year of a degree course! I shan’t start again though until the new year, things are a bit up and down at the moment (to put it mildly).

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    1. No, my teaching days are over, Ola, but in theory I’ll start honing up my creative writing skills and produce something to set the literary world alight … 😁 In the meantime I hope to return to classes and take more classes — if and when it’s safe of course!

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