Cropped image from the Daily Express

Just a final visual comment for today, a requiem for Britain’s enforced exit from the EU. This involves the fascist Daily Express, one of the many rabidly rightwing tabloids who’ve stoked up anti-EU feelings for many years with malicious and mendacious headlines and op-eds.

Here the populist rag proudly bleats about the ‘totemic’ blue passport, which you can see in the mock-up is in fact a royal blue shade. This is actually a lot lighter than the pre-EU passports which ranged from a dark navy blue to — as near as dammit — black.

Sceptics of the fantatical Brexiter line have cynically noted that the new passport will actually be manufactured in France. So much for a newly ‘independent’ UK, freed from the perfidious ‘unelected bureaucrats’ of Europe. (Don’t get me started.)

But a particular detail of the image, which the paper has credited to the Press Association, was quickly spotted by the eagle-eyed.

This was the replacement of the Order of the Garter motto HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (‘Shame be on him who thinks badly of it [the wearing of the garter]’) by another phrase: YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER.

I’d forgotten that this was an insult spouted by the French knight at King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail — and especially apt as the new passports are made by England’s traditional enemy.

You have to laugh, or else you’d cry. At the sheer idiocy, the gullibility, the wilful ignorance of a sizeable proportion of a voting public. Shame on them. And on the tossers who’ve conned their way into power.

41 thoughts on “Requiem

    1. I second that entirely, Paula, but if we do it will never be on the same basis (with all the rebates negotiated over the years, however unfair they may have been) or with the same goodwill.


    1. In keeping with the old Garter motto Vostre medre estoit un hamastra might be the Old French original, with the medieval German for this rodent, which term the French and English language adapted.

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  1. You know I’m with you on this, Chris, all the way. Sadly, with the general election result, the people have truly given the Tory party a mandate. There’s little we can do except hope we come to our senses and rejoin at some point. The sad thing is how this small scale event reflects on a larger faults in humanity – the inability to work together, to see past the veneer of ‘the other’ to the similarities. Meanwhile, I’ll try to ignore the news and the abomination of a party going on in Parliament Square.

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    1. I’ve largely given up following the political news, Lynn — both print and broadcast media — since the election. But there will be a fightback I’m sure as the electorate start to realise they were lied to again and again.

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      1. How have they not realised already, though Chris? Boris lied on the side of a bus, he lied to the Queen, he’s misled people all the way through. Just repeating the phrase ‘let’s get Brexit done’ seems to have hypnotised people into thinking we can forget about it after today. That’s a lie. It’ll be constantly in the news all this year and beyond.

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    1. I say bollocks to the lot of ’em — especially the ones who will not engage on any serious rational level with the reality behind the cheap political slogans and cynical appeals to selfish emotions. Those of us with far-sightedness and moral principles will indeed take comfort from others of like mind.

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        1. We’re talking the masses wot read the Mail, the Sun, the Express and even the Telegraph, right? Who believe every innuendo or outright lie that issues from those rags?


  2. Very sad, Chris, and the fact is that I truly cannot imagine any possible reason why the U.K. should wish to rejoin Europe in the future, unless something bad happened, like an economical collapse. If there are not visible shake-ups for what concerns the quality of life, for example, soon people will lose or forget the motivation to fight back. Unfortunately this is how the world works.

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    1. I fear you are correct, Stefy. If we were to rejoin it wouldn’t be for another decade at the very least, and a lot can and will happen before that even becomes a possibility, let alone a policy.

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  3. The small rebellions like “your mother was a hamster” and in the U.S. the substitution of a fake presidential seal with golf clubs and “45 is a puppet” written in Spanish are terrific but no substitute for more of us having to do the dreary day-to-day work of getting active in local politics. Sigh.

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    1. Absolutely, Jeanne, but they do also allow us to vent which, at a time when this government has a massive majority, is some small consolation. Our local MP, Fay Jones, is a Johnson yes-woman with a substantial percentage of the vote, and has herself voted with the government at every division. Her Tory predecessor equally would not bend to reasoned argument by email.


  4. piotrek

    A very sad day. I’m sorry about you guys leaving, I’m afraid my Poland might be next, with just as gullible voters and just as ruthless rulers… there’s not that much hope around.

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    1. Let Poland wait a bit and see how isolated and impoverished Britain could become, as it almost certainly will, and learn how hollow the phrase ‘Take Back Control’ really is. But we mustn’t underestimate the ability of the rich and powerful to marshall resources to convince the gullible to vote against their own welfare.

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    1. I will find it hard to forgive, even if they use the excuse that “they know not what they do”. There were some fireworks let off locally but at least the church bells didn’t ring and there was no partying in the streets.


  5. My condolences, Chris! I do keep hope that EU will survive and that UK will smarten up and come back at some point. These days, we should be uniting, not dividing any further.

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  6. So very sad, Chris. Yes, you’ve gotta laugh sometimes, it’s all so dismal. I read your post out loud to my husband and we laughed out loud. But I’ll miss my dark red EU passport, which I carried with pride at being part of something new in the world. I still hold on (with an increasing Quixotic hope) that some day there will be a similar South Asian economic federation, and I will be able to travel between India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal without a visa.

    I renewed my British passport just before the Brexit vote, hoping that somehow I could be grandfathered into. . .something, I didn’t know what, that might somehow stave off whatever was coming. When I got my new passport it was again a red one. I wonder if they will now put a sticker or something on it to mark the new order? They’d better not make me buy a new one, since I just paid a small fortune for something that was supposed to be good for 10 years.

    Thank you for marking this sad day with just the right mixture of emotions.

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    1. I don’t think they’ll be forcing us to buy new passports before they expire, but I wouldn’t put that past a UK government that now includes a hedge fund manager as a chancellor, plus a eugenicist and those planning to sell off our NHS and make our BBC subscription only. I hate them, I absolutely hate them.

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