Lost in books

Posts may be a little more intermittent over the next few days: I am stewarding at the fifth Crickhowell Literary Festival, directed by Emma Corfield-Walters of Crickhowell’s bookshop Book-ish and by Anne Rowe, author and Emeritus Research Fellow at Kingston University. To top it all I’m also involved in a couple of musical performances.

After that I shall be away for a few days but shall still attempt to keep up a flow of posts, though one or two will be reposts from the archives. If I’m a little less assiduous at this time about liking or commenting on posts in blogs I follow I apologise in advance — you know it’s not personal!

Crickhowell Bridge, 1840

14 thoughts on “Lost in books

  1. I hope the Crickhowell Literary Festival is a great success – if I lived a bit closer I would definitely have sought you out and said ‘hello’ (lucky escape, Chris)! I also hope your performances go well and you have a wonderful break thereafter. I expect you will be taking lots of lovely photos. TTFN 🤗

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    1. I would’ve been well pleased to see you, Paula, so a not so lucky escape! We’re getting well-attended talks, and it’s only been the first weekend. As for music, the choral society sang Dvorak’s Mass in D for Michaelmas in a local church, and tomorrow I’m accompanying a young mezzo-soprano for a concert in Brecon.

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        1. “Evasive manoeuvres”? You’ve got the measure of me there, Ola: I’ve already lined up a quote from Jane Eyre that captures my evasive, non-committal, procrastinating character in a few snappy phrases!

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          1. That’s only your persona, Chris, to borrow the leitmotif from The Manticore 😉 how you want to be perceived as to later on the better defy our expectations!


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