The briefest of brief updates, but first — an apology.

I’m sorry to be behind in reading and commenting on others’ blogs — mainly for good reasons, but I hate to neglect writers and artists I follow: in a week or three I hope I may have started to catch up. The reasons?

  1. It’s the summer.
  2. It’s the Go-Away-I’m-Reading state of mind.
  3. I have grandparent duties.
  4. I’m trying — and mostly failing — to complete the titles in my official 20 Books of Summer list before the start of September.
  5. I’m mostly on Twitter doing a The Wolves of Willoughby Chase readalong called #WilloughbyReads.
  6. I’m reading. Mostly titles not on my 20 Books of Summer list.
  7. I’m composing posts for another blog and for an event in … autumn.

Anything else? Oh yes, I’m scrolling through past reviews to repost because I’m too busy to compose new ones.

I think that just about covers it. Sorry.

24 thoughts on “Bibliovore

  1. This made me smile because if I wrote an update it would be remarkably similar. I’m feeling so guilty about my 20 Books of Summer, ah well. Your Aiken blogposts and comments are adding greatly to my enjoyment of #WilloughbyReads, thank you very much.

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    1. You’re very welcome, it’s compelling stuff, isn’t it? So much to explore and appreciate in what is really quite a short novel!

      As for the 20 Books of Summer challenge, remember we have carte-blanche to change the number of books, their titles, even choose to ignore them altogether! 🙂 I suspect I’ll get through twenty titles but not necessarily all the ones I listed.

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  2. Well, get your rest, because it’s going to be a busy fall for both of us. I’ve another trip next week (my dad’s 97th birthday, so family reunion), and then it’ll be time to hunker down with my WW reading tasks. (“Reading tasks” = another “first world problem”.)

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    1. Hah! Just working on Robertson Davies piece for Lory, and discussing Slighcarp et al as Aiken Villains in #WilloughbyReads in anticipation of #WitchWeek2019… Hope your dad’s big day goes well!

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  3. I do not think I’m going to be able to finish my list of 20, and I’m way behind on reading other people’s blogs. So, yep, right there with ya. I am having some fun with antique quilts at the moment; would you believe I somehow wound up in charge of a mini quilt show of antique (or reproduction) quilts, which will be next month, in honor of our town founder’s 200th birthday? Me neither.


    1. Thanks, Ola, although strictly speaking I shan’t absent myself from all aspects of blogging — even if it is only temporary — just be a little less assiduous in reading, liking and commenting on other bloggers’ posts for a few days. I shall in fact attempt to catch up in the gaps afforded by familial, musical and vacational pursuits! 🙂

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  4. Good to know that you’re basically ok, Chris 🙂 And all those onerous duties do (for the most part) sound enjoyable. Don’t spoil them with guilt! FWIW I’m hopeless behind on 20 books and have accepted that this is the state of things. I’m trying feverishly to catch up on other people’s posts before family descend tomorrow (along with the strong winds and heavy rain 🤦‍♀️) At least being busy helped me to withstand the pull of twitter for the Wolves event. Sadly..

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    1. Yes, I’ve spent rather a lot of time (too much?) on Twitter with #WilloughbyReads though I have to admit it’s been pretty enjoyable! As for 20 Books of Summer, I’ve actually read sixteen as of yesterday, it’s just that only eight of them were on the list… 😁

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