Blog jam

Occasionally I like to post about Calmgrove‘s sister blogs, for those readers who may have forgotten (if they were ever aware of) their existence.

First up is Zenrinji, a blog devoted to flash fiction and — increasingly — micropoems and short-form poetry. The virtues of Zenrinji are that the posts are generally, well, short and that they are accompanied by pretty pictures.

Zenrinji is derived from the Japanese meaning something like The Temple of the Calm Grove, so you can guess one of the reasons I chose it.

The second blog I want to mention is MyNewShy, which you’ll notice is a very, very weak wordplay based on the fact it’s subtitled The little things in life. MyNewShy is essentially a photoblog of inconsequential objects and sights I snap mostly on my phone camera.

The two images? I thought you’d never ask. They’re text-to-image compositions generated on an app I’ve previously mentioned, — I merely typed in “Blog jam Zenrinji” and “Blog jam MyNewShy” respectively to produce them.

(There is another blog I run … but that is for another time.)

Feel free to explore either or both of these sites. Or, indeed, neither.

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