Mission statement

Here’s a bit of fun, a change from my usual wittering. Via Joseph at Implied Spaces I was introduced to a text to image app, http://t2i.cvalenzuelab.com, created by Cris Valenzuela.

In t2i you input text and an image is generated, and I can more or less guarantee you will be intrigued by the results.

For demonstration purposes I’ve used Calmgrove’s mission statement, Exploring the world of ideas through books. Above and below are screenshots of a couple of resulting images. Freaky looking, no?

To show some of the variety available, here is what omitting the words through books produces…

… and here is Exploring the world of ideas again …

… and here’s The world of ideas on its own

I’ll leave you to detect art styles as you explore these images before you begin exploring the app itself. As I’m sure you will. *

And now I’m wondering whether to change my mission statement to Exploring the world of ideas through t2i. Neat, is it not? **

* I detect Francis Bacon, a smidgeon of Kandinsky and Klimt, plus a hint of the Futurists, but you may see otherwise

** No, I will not be changing it

13 thoughts on “Mission statement

    1. You’re very welcome, Joseph—I’ve had fun inputting book titles, for example, and seeing if the results matched the tenor of the books. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine yielded interesting results, I thought!

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  1. piotrek

    Very interesting! Results are intriguing, but sometimes quite different, if you re-apply the same words. I got a great Re-E of the World painting in the third go 🙂

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    1. Yes, I too noticed the variety produced by the same text repeated. Re-E of the World must have yielded something passing strange. Anyway, it’s a bit of fun at the moment but I wonder what it might come up with as the app is refined, perhaps with the images in HD.

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  2. Interesting – if you put the same words in multiple separate times, the image generated is always different, completely different! So like the I Ching what it means to you will depend on your interpretation at the time. But of course everything being interconnected, that will always be the case for all our interpretations of everything we experience. Alternatively, it’s good fun 😊👍


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