A year in books

Twenty Eighteen is well under way and I’m having a think about how I’m going to go about my reading. Well, of course there are several ways to go:

  1. Pick a book at random from the pile on my bedside table
  2. Pick a book at random from the books on my shelves
  3. Pick a book at random from my local bookshop or library

Well, you get the picture. Or I could go with what I’m feeling in the mood for, a strategy that has generally served me well up to now. But I also feel the need for a bit of structure.

In the past I’ve tried a couple or so of reading challenges. These were partly successful, in that I made an effort to fulfil all the categories listed, but when I didn’t quite complete them I felt a bit of a poseur in my own eyes.

Last year’s solution was to (a) turn Challenges into Worthy Goals, thus ensuring no failure was imminent; and (b) set impossibly low expectations, such as only being required to finish 36 books over the year (I actually achieved forty-one and several fractions). Now I’m wondering what plans to go for this year.

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