High five

WordPress have just informed me that it has been five years since I began this blog by registering it. Back in 2012 I had no real ambitions other than to post a few reviews and hopefully engage with a few likeminded bloggers. Now, in 2017, that remains the core ambition. I have nothing to sell, only ideas to share; I aim to receive no remuneration except informative dialogue and virtual friendship.

I’d like to thank all current followers of Calmgrove for remaining active and for sharing thoughts and adding ‘likes’ where appropriate. I myself follow sixty-odd blogs, not on a follow4follow basis but because they have interesting things to say or wonderfully crafted visual and wordy creations to share. If I am sometimes remiss in engaging it’s because of time and opportunity, not because I’m dismissive of your inspiring efforts.

I promised to rejuvenate my photoblog MyNewShy and my creating writing outlet Zenrinji — all that is ongoing and will emerge in due course — but for the moment I’m focusing on this literary blog, attempting a sensible regular schedule. I don’t intend to stop reading, so there’s every chance I shall be still here in five years’ time doing what I set out to do in a rather more optimistic era: exploring the world of ideas through books. I hope you’ll continue to join me in that exploration!

35 thoughts on “High five

  1. I guess , I’ve been in your company at least four of these five years and it has been really precious for me. Happy blog-birthday , Chris, and wish you years and years of futher explorations in world of ideas. Tanta felicità. Stefy. 🍾🎂🙋

    1. Grazie mille, Stefy, I’m so glad of your virtual friendship, your erudition, sensitivity and likemindedness. I do hope we both will still be blogging enlightened ideas till kingdom come. Anche grazie! 🙂

  2. Annabel (gaskella)

    Congrats on five years blogging. So glad I discovered your blog – I don’t always have time to comment, but do visit regularly. Looking forward to the next five years and more…

    1. Thanks so much, Annabel, you’re very kind. I too check out your posts every so often, and it’s only because I’m unable to click a ‘like’ button that there’s otherwise no evidence of my passing. I do comment when I feel I have something intelligent to say, though that may not be too often!

  3. earthbalm

    Congratulations. The Calmgrove blog is a mine of literary information that I’m well and truly hooked on. Here’s to the next 5 years and the five after etc. 🙂

    1. I’m really chuffed that you like what I post, enough to often reblog them, Dale — for which I’m grateful. And pleased too to have found a blogger who enjoys many of the authors I do, a rare enough occurrence. Here’s to both of us for future success on the inter-web thingy!

    1. It’s really kind of you to say so, Lory, and the feeling is mutual. I’m just amazed you accomplish so much in your blogging and reading whilst also leading a busy ‘real’ life, while I usually find it hard to string two consecutive sentences together in a meaningful way while theoretically having more time on my hands.

      Anyway, I’m really pleased to still be swapping traveller’s tales on our respective literary explorations. And I will eventually get to Elizabeth Goudge!

  4. Congratulations on your blog’s fifth birthday. I’m pleased I discovered Calmgrove and even though I don’t always have time to leave a comment, your posts are always interesting and informative. I’ll look forward to another five years. 🙂

  5. Happy 5th Blog Birthday Chris 🙂 Although not being a great fiction reader, but that is to do with time, rather than not wanting to read (although I read copious amounts of non fiction) I really enjoy reading your posts…… and I, like you will only like, if I like 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Lynne, I very much appreciate that. We share a love of medieval history and architecture, and as another inveterate snapper of things that grab my eye (now mostly on Instagram) I also understand what motivates you for your photoblog!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! Your efforts to tackle your mountain of unread books partly inspired me to get on with it, though I have to admit I’ve started to backslide recently by … buying more books! But we’ll get there someday. Maybe!

  6. Happy Blogaversary or blog-birthday Chris! I am thankful for your blog and your friendship. Every post is a new opportunity to learn something new. I wish you many, many more WordPress years!

    1. Thanks, Sari, and I too have no idea of the best portmanteau word for a blog anniversary! Ditto, though, I’m also grateful for your online friendship and that extended communication of shared, or at least similar, passions!

    1. Thanks so much, Sophia! And I seem to have shamefully neglected your blog of late, something to remedy methinks.

      Anniversaries like this are sometimes good times to take stock, aren’t they, of debts owed as well as profit accrued, and I’ve been grateful for your kind words, especially on Twitter, about posts I’ve put up. *Sigh* if only one had more hours in the day …

    1. You can guess that I’m pleased that this particular boat didn’t spring a leak in those five years! And pleased to have such a diverse range of passengers (rather than a range of passing divers).
      Yes, the graphic is rather encouraging — could it merely be due to familiarity? — but I’m sure your own statistics must also show a steady rise in reader appreciation!

      1. My readership is utterly distorted by the annual event in April/May of hundreds of people visiting to support a project speech (perhaps a school or university?) which calls for ritual slaughter to be allowed in suburbs. My various articles on the subject (and another is forthcoming) do not exactly lend support, but the search engines think they will.

  7. I once called you a Gentleman of The Airwaves, I think now we should dub thee Knight for the unceasing championing of literature and all who share a love of reading and writing…
    Arise Sir Calmgrove and long may you ride!

    1. Well, how kind of you to say so, Lizza, though I must admit I feel unworthy of the honour! I do however try to do my little bit (as you do with championing Joan’s wonderful legacy); perhaps an OBE might be more apt for me: Old Buffer’s Effort I think it stands for.

    1. Fun’s the mot juste,
      Gert One and Gert Two,
      Fun not like Proust
      (he could do to be Seuss-ed)
      But banter with pals
      Such as both of you gals!
      I can’t with a dog
      Or a frog on a log
      Or even a mog
      But I can on a blog
      With minds fine and true,
      And it turns out these minds
      Are friends just like you!

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