Not ellipsoid but ovoid

What needs to be broken before it can be used?

No idea? Here’s another clue:

A box without hinges, key, or lid,
yet golden treasure inside is hid

Still in the dark with this riddle? This witty doggerel by Luis d’Antin van Rooten gives another, perhaps more obscure, hint:

Un petit d’un petit
S’étonne aux Halles
Un petit d’un petit
Ah! degrés te fallen
Indolent qui ne sort cesse
Indolent qui ne se mène
Qu’importe un petit
Tout gai de Reguennes.

No? Another question then: what is former vicar’s daughter and esteemed Prime Minister Teresa May calling ‘ridiculous’?

Easter’s very important. It’s important to me. It’s a very important festival for the Christian faith for millions across the world. So I think what the National Trust is doing is frankly just ridiculous.

Lest you’re still puzzled, she’s complaining that in just one context giant chocolate manufacturer Cadbury’s dropped the word Easter from the promotion for their annual hunt.

Let’s be clear: Easter is from the Anglo-Saxon Eostre, which the Venerable Bede in the 8th century claimed was the pagan goddess of Spring. Secondly, I think you’ll find no reference to this distinctive object in the New Testament in connection with the Resurrection. And thirdly, encouraging children to go searching for ovoid chocolates — I don’t recall it being a biblical injunction.

I think the stance they have taken is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what they are thinking about frankly.

Methinks Mrs May frankly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She has yellow-and-white matter on her face, meaning the joke’s on her.

Or should that be yolk?

The goddess Ostara or Eostre by Johannes Gehrts (1884)

Happy Easter!

25 thoughts on “Riddle-me-ree

  1. Well it has to be Happy Eostre then……. nowadays everything is about making money ……. I wonder how much was spent on Easter eggs this year and not just eggs, presents as well. But anyway, do have a lovey Easter Sunday 🙂

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    1. I’m not religious, as you know, but it is nice to go out on a bright-ish spring morning and have people greet you with a smile and a ‘Good morning!’ or ‘Happy Easter!’

      We were invited to join one of the local church choirs to sing the tenor part of a Haydn Mass for their Easter service, which was nice; it’s clear that — regardless of commercial pressures — people want to be optimistic and full of benevolence and goodwill to each other, which can’t be bad given recent world events.

      Anyway, Happy Easter to you too, Lynne, wherever you are and whichever church or other ancient monument you’re visiting!

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      1. Yes I agree it is nice when people greet you like that, its nice any day of the week 🙂 I bet the Hayden Mass was beautiful, music always sounds wonderful in church. I always love it when someone is practicing the organ when I am wandering around the church, so lovely to listen to. No visiting today, too many church services going on, all at different times, maybe tomorrow if the weather holds out 🙂 Gardening today 🙂

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    1. Ah, my mistake. And now I come to look in detail, I see there are references to reindeer, sleighbells and daffodils in the Book of Ridicule, the Letter to the Grinning Humorists and the Apoplectica. How could I have so bigly missed them? Sad.


  2. Love this, Chris. Though you really should have sent this missive directly to Mrs May. I’m sure she would have very much appreciated it. 🙂 All set for another election, then? These things just keep on coming …

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    1. Just a few weeks to make the nation see reason, not a tall order at all.

      Would May appreciate this? I’m not sure she’s interested in anybody who doesn’t share her self-belief. But then, unlike Mrs T, this lady is for turning, so who knows?

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      1. I think there’s slim chance of any result other than a Conservative win, at least in part because the opposition parties don’t have viable PM material. Despite his popularity with party members, many people will be put off by Corbin’s association with the far left and the Lib Dems burned their bridges with Nick Clegg. Sadly, all this election might do is give Mrs May more power to do as she wishes re Brexit and further austerity measures. Chilling thought that.

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          1. Well, you never know, Chris. If those non voters could be stirred to action, we might have a change. Let’s see how the campaigning goes and hope it’s more positive than the Brexit campaign was.

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