Sister blogs

I’d like to give a quick shout out for Calmgrove’s two sister blogs. MyNewShy is a photoblog, while Zenrinji has a mix of micropoetry and flash fiction, humour and seriousness.

I am planning revamps of both blogs in the next little while, both in appearance and in frequency of posts (which have been rather irregular in recent months) though not much in content.

Do feel free to visit these sites and look through the archives, but fear not — the chief virtue of the posts are their brevity. I’ll leave verbosity to Calmgrove.

6 thoughts on “Sister blogs

    1. I didn’t mean this post to be a guilt-trip for readers, Dale, more me feeling I’d lost impetus with these other two blogs and needed to re-focus them! (If anything, I felt guilty about how irregular my posts on the two blogs had become.)

      So, no, don’t feel you have to follow or ‘like’ posts — it was more a signal that I was intending to relaunch them at some time.

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      1. earthbalm

        Didn’t mean it that way either Chris. 🙂 BTW, I’m enjoying the re-reading of “The Word for World is Forest” even more than my first reading. There’s something about UKLG’s writing that resonates with me though I can’t articulate what at the moment.

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