So it begins

More flash fiction from Zenrinji



Things come in threes: he’s about to drop her off at the shops when he realises he’s left his phone at home, so can’t liaise about where and when to meet up.

Next, after he’s filled up the car with petrol, he discovers his wallet is in his other man-bag. At home.

After some frantic running around the money problem is solved when he spots her coming out of a shop. But later, returning from a visit to the local library, he finds his everyday glasses are no longer on his nose — and the library isn’t open for another two days.

“Is it nearly time for the pillow over the head?’ she murmurs, sultrily. And so it begins.

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7 thoughts on “So it begins

  1. Lynn Love

    I personally am convinced doorways are fitted with mind wiping devices – how else do we explain forgetting what you entered a room for? 🙂
    A nice snapshot, there Chris, with a warm edge

    1. I find it often only takes a few steps within a room to lose track, never mind a doorway — bugs in the ceiling perhaps? Thanks, couple banter usually conceals a deep-seated affection!

      1. Yes, these mind wipe devices must be everywhere – they’re certainly increasing in our house as I age! Loved the banter. My other half and I are the same – some of the things he’s said to me over the years might sound awful to other people and has me laughing like a drain 🙂

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