Giant: illustration by Arthur Rackham
Giant: illustration by Arthur Rackham

When Mick was little he thought of big Gus as Shouty Man.

All he could think of while growing up was being big enough to give Gus a taste of his own medicine.

Only now, as a six footer, with Gus shrunk to a little wizened man, Mick realised what being Big truly meant.

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· Flash Fiction Fifty Five, a short story of only 55 words (including title)
More on giants in this review here

7 thoughts on “Compassion

    1. I think the more role models that youngsters can have for what being ‘a man’ really is (and I don’t mean a tendency towards violence and bullying and seizing of power) the better the world will be.

  1. Lynn Love

    Oh, that had a beautiful circularity to it – a reall lesson learned from being a boy to becoming a man. Very good. And love the Arthur Rackham illustration, but then why wouldn’t I? Marvellous stuff.
    Have you heard Grayson Perry talk about what it means to be a man? He makes a lot of sense.

    1. Grayson Perry is one of our heroes, and his C4 programmes — including the ones about what it means to be a man — are always TV highlights for us. We managed to catch a travelling exhibition of his tapestries in Bath this year.

      Arthur Rackham was a key part of my childhood. We children used to have a marvellous collection of fairytales illustrated by him; I have no idea what happened to it but I entranced by them.

      1. Friends of ours managed to see Grayson Perry’s recent tour about what it means to be a man and they took their 12 year old with them, which was a great thing to do I think. Envious of you for catching the tapestries – I managed to miss them, fool that I am. And his programmes are wonderful, you’re right. He was on Graham Norton’s show last week, not something I’d always watch, but Grayson was fantastic – warm, humane, sensible, giving balanced and thoughtful responses. A great chap.
        I have a couple of Arthur Rackham prints on our walls – not brilliant ones of his, but interesting. I love the dark, detailed oddness of his work. It really appeals to me

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