SPAM #1 → MAPS #1



Maps for transforming nonsense spam

Genuinely when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up to other users that they will assist,
so here it takes place.

Nonsense → Sense

Genuinely, when someone doesn’t?
Be aware of afterward!
It’s up to other users that they will assist so.
Here it takes place.

Acknowledgement: Lizze Ross for competition submission

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16 thoughts on “SPAM #1 → MAPS #1

  1. Lynn Love

    That almost sounds like philosophy. ‘Here it takes place’ – such a definite statement, a solid intention that something will happen. Well done Lizzie for finding this one 🙂

    1. “Here it takes place” as a philosophical statement is the best I could manage from Lizzie’s submission of garble-ese stuffed into her spam imbox! It’d be interesting to know how spanmers select their text — pick’n’mix from genuine text? Or simply poorer English literacy?

        1. Do you habe any tips andd hintүs for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to sfart my own website soon butt I’m a little lost on everything. There ɑre sо many optuons out
          there that I’m completelү overwheⅼmed ..

          She/he/it isn’t the only individual being ‘overwhe1med’ — I reckon that a little over half the comments since I started this blog have been spam — thank goodness I haven’t had to deal with 99% of them!

            1. My first tips to this spammer would be “Use your spellcheck for gawds sake and get yourself a grammar book if you want to be an aspiring writer, let alone ‘sfart’ a website you’re hoping will be read.”

              I’m so glad most of these spams are illiterate — perhaps they’re meant to appeal to other illiterates?

              I’m more concerned though with spam emails that get past my server’s filter simply because they look so genuine. I recently had what looked like an email from Post Office Savings until I checked the originating account, and is — unsurprisingly — unrelated to …

            2. Sfart is a strangely appealing word though! And sadly, I doubt giving them advice will help, especialy if it’s produced by machines.
              The genuine looking ones are more of a worry, you’re right. My other half has had a couple claiming to be from Apple charging him money for services he hasn’t bought – all he needs to do to cancel is click on the link … Fortunately he was on the ball and queried it with Apple before clicking. It wasn’t them at all of course. There are some sinister tricks being perpetrated out there

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