Rhyme without reason

Because it’s Chooseday I choose to reblog this …



Hey diddle-diddle
Come read me my riddle
Sing hickory dickory dock
For down came a spider
A gossamer glider
And landed on Bo Peep’s blue frock

This creature so lowly
She brushed off real slowly
Then played on her didgeridoo
She charmed not just creatures
But parsons and preachers
Who featured in France’s Who’s Who

Her sheep were not fazed
For they grew fat and grazed
Till a wolf with a weasely grin
Slipped the sheep, plus a goat,
Past his jaws down his throat,
By the hairs on his chinny chin chin

The spider then teased
The old wolf till he sneezed
Who then coughed up sheep, plus the goat,
And a cat with a fiddle, a rope round its middle,
Attached to a lifebelt and boat

So now ends my riddle
Puss played on its fiddle
And Bo Peep her didgeridoo
I hope you find pleasing
My rhyme without reason
Au revoir, tally ho, toodle-oo!

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10 thoughts on “Rhyme without reason

    1. Aw, thanks Lynn! I started with the nonsense phrases and it just grew from there into a mash-up of nursery figures, Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham and Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes — but I’ll accept Lear!

    1. Bo Peep says “Strewth!” from Downunder, from Oz, and her real name is Ruth. And for why? Just because. She plays dideridoo since it’s cool, man, real cool, and the sheep like it too and Ruth Bo Peep’s no fool.

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