Summer’s course is nearly run
Garden furniture guilt-trips
Rasp goes the sandpaper
Boing goes the tin lid
Slosh goes the paint

The paint is wet
And now it’s tacky
Drips smoothed out
And now it’s dry
Outside jobs are almost done
It just remains to gild the lily

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2 thoughts on “Jobbing

  1. Chris, once again your posts aren’t coming up in my Reader or email, so have just come across this new clutch of posts. Nice little chime here between “guilt trips” and “gild the lily” – intended, or just depths of talent you never knew you had?

    1. Thanks, Gert — but have no idea why my posts aren’t registering in the expected way! Perhaps some gremlin in Akismet’s or your email spam filter?

      As for the ‘chime’, it’s all intended, the alliteration, the onomatopoeia, the internal rhymes, everything. 🙂

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