Today Was

Thanks to unintentional encouragement by the inestimable Gert Loveday I’ve resurrected the slowly expiring poetry blog Zenrinji with this bit of whimsy.



Today Was

Monday was Hug-an-Atheist Day
but I found that my arms
couldn’t reach all the way
round my body

Tuesday was National Book Lovers Day
but I missed it
I was too busy
reading in bed

Next came International Xenophobia Day
and I spent all Wednesday
just hating

Thursday was National Paradox Day
but it took me till nighttime
staying in bed
to puzzle it out

Friday was Who Gives A Damn Day
and I decided to do
just that and go
back to bed

Saturday was the thirteenth
day of the month
and my luck

Sunday was the seventh day
when God rested

Who can argue with that?

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6 thoughts on “Today Was

    1. Thanks! Found out too late that Tuesday was indeed National Book Lovers Day — who knew? — and decided to take a sideswipe at all these concocted ‘national days’. 🙂 Not an original concept I see but I had fun making up silly commemorative days!

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  1. I would just like to know the ‘authority’ who creates these. While I admit to participating once in awhile, I find so many of them odd. And why does it seem the oddest ‘days’ get the most response?!

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