Alice in Hinterland

Exploring the world of ideas through books

In my head I think of this as a book review blog, and that’s what I tend to call it. But of course it turns out to be much more than that. If there’s ever any suspicion that ‘book review blog’ is a misleading description I have only to look at a few other fellow bloggers who feel equally free to roam widely while still under the banner of bibliocritic. (Hmm, is there such a word?)

No apologies then for apparently masquerading under false colours! What I do stand by is my aim of exploring the world of ideas through books. You may well have noticed that my reviews seldom consist of like/dislike statements or — heaven forbid — star ratings, or lengthy plot summaries or lists of dramatis personae — not that there’s anything wrong with all that. No, I tend instead to waffle on at length about, say, the significance of names or a novel’s similarity to a folktale, or elaborate on author’s jokes or their philosophical viewpoint, or sometimes all of these at the same time. Occasionally I may even seem for long stretches to forget to refer to the novel at all!

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