Temporary post


Apologies to regular readers for my recent irregular posts, entirely due to family circumstances (like the birth of another grandchild), house renovation (like new fences and drystone walling) and musical calls on my time (like choral concerts and piano accompanying).

Apologies too to bloggers whose blogs I follow but haven’t got round to following in a steady fashion for a few weeks now — not kind or friendly, I know, but due to the same reasons.

All of which is just to appraise you of the fact that I hope to return to the fold soon with a more steady schedule: I have reviews, observations on word etymology and shades of meaning, plus comments on Asberger’s and general literary matters all in the offing.

See, I haven’t forgotten you really.

PS This post will self-destruct in due course — that is, I myself will delete it when I return to the weblog community in a more structured fashion.