Mortal Coil Shuffled Off

Bard strip

Director: Action!
Great Actor: “To be or to not be –“
Director: Cut!

Director: Action!
Great Actor:To be or to be not –“
Director: Cut!

Mumbles off-camera.

Great Actor: OK …
Director: A-n-d action!
Great Actor:To be or not … to be:”

Muffled cheers off camera.

Great Actor:that is … the answer –“

Muffled swearing off-camera.

William Shakespeare died April 23rd 1616, having retired a couple of years earlier from the stage and from playwriting. Reportedly this scrap of manuscript was recently discovered concealed behind his monument in Stratford’s parish church.


4 thoughts on “Mortal Coil Shuffled Off

  1. earthbalm

    Not sure if I’ve shared this with you but a few years ago, our Head and the language coordinator were dry-running year 6 pupils about reading habits in preparation for an inspection. One child had been reading a reading-scheme adaptation of the Tempest and when asked who her favourite author was replied that she really liked Will. I. Am Shakespeare.

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