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Image www.walesonline.co.uk
Image http://www.walesonline.co.uk

I avoid going Political on this blog, except with a small ‘p’. If you sense a ‘But’ coming — you’ll be right.

But there’s a sense that the UK is gradually going down the tubes thanks to the directions taken, first, by the Coalition government in 2010, and now by the Conservative Party. ‘We’re all in it together,’ famously trumpeted a certain Prime Minister, except that we’re not. Too many big earners and big corporations don’t pay their fair share of tax as their profits are lodged offshore.

So one small Welsh town, Crickhowell — to which I’ve drawn attention before and which prides itself on its independent shops free of links to chain stores and the like — has taken a stand to expose the unfairness of present government policy that’s hitting the disadvantaged, the poor and the sick, as this short video shows. Do watch and, if possible, share widely.

There’s also a website, Fair Tax Town: http://fairtaxtown.com/


18 thoughts on “Fair tax town

    1. There is more to love when you sign our pledge please go to http://www.fairtaxtown.com and sign up. We need scale to go to the next level with James Harre head of Corporate Taxation at HMRC. We will always pay tax individually, because we believe in our communities, but our strategy is to carry a big stick and get to the same status as Facebook, Starbucks and Google do, when they negotiate their tax. If we get 500 towns to join this protest that’s £5 Billion high street revenue and £1 Billion Corporation tax. That gets us noticed. So come on sign the pledge and be an ambassador for Fair Tax for all high street businesses. We can then demonstrate to George Osborne that his growth strategy through SMEs and the tax it will generate is in jeopardy. He may then want to talk! Please Join the pledge – Steve Lewis MBE. One of the Founder Members of the Fair Tax Town protest.

    1. You’re welcome, John! It draws attention to the big fat loopholes exploited by cynical Big Business, aided and abetted by their friendsin government, while the rest of us — “hard working families” and the like — have to ever more tighten our belts, lose services and self-esteem.

    1. I think it starts as a gesture, Dylan, to shame the government, but if they don’t act and the momentum for change starts to build up, then maybe they’ll be hoist by their own petard. One can only hope …

      1. My favourite moment putting this whole “we’re all in it together” farce into context was when Ed Miliband asked the government grunt bench to put their hands up if they hadn’t seen their income increase after the then recent budget. At least some had the good grace to look embarrassed.

    1. You’re very welcome, Sue, the town traders and quite a few others hope it makes the intended impact on the government and, at the very least, lead to other groups threatening to do the same thing — time to play the politicians at their own gesture politics game!

    1. You’re welcome, Jeff, this is such a proactive approach to highlight the nonsense we’re otherwise being fed, and it could allow communities to stop feeling so powerless now that Big Government feels it somehow has a mandate to trample all over us.

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