Literally challenged: slippage


I’m slipping: not only is my Reading Challenge quota (one new book a week) lagging behind but my May update is two weeks later than I planned. Still, better late than never.

The Dream of Prospero (which I did actually finish just after June had started) I count as a book I started but never finished — though, to be truthful, I did only skip the opening chapter forty years ago. I think this second go qualifies as finally completing it.

Now, In the Winter Dark definitely fits into the scary category: Tim Winton did render this reader heart-in-mouth for much of the time with his tale of things that go bump in the night. Thankfully Pratchett’s Johnny and the Dead was in fact dead funny in a smiley kind of way, and a good riposte to Winton’s piece (even if I read them in reverse order to the way I’m listing them now).

Finally I get to The Magician King which comfortably fits in the box labelled recommended by a friend — in this case author and educator Lizzie Ross. Luckily there is a further title in this sequence which means I can tick off the trilogy category when I complete it.

Nineteen books up to the end of May: in theory I should have finished about twenty-two books. But I do have good reasons (proper excuses too!) for slippage; and anyway it’s only a personal target, and since I’m currently reading three books simultaneously, with another review drafted, I’m confident I soon shan’t be far behind where I want to be. Onwards and upwards!


2 thoughts on “Literally challenged: slippage

  1. Well done! Lovely overgrown, ferny steps. But they certainly don’t fit your condition. I think it’s good for one to have several very different books on the go at the same time. and to move back and forth among them. Hope you’re having fun with this self-imposed challenge.

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