Still exploring the world of ideas through books

WordPress has just reminded me that I began this blog three years ago. Since April 28th 2012 — minus the odd deletion — I’ve apparently published 364 posts, which is approximately one every three days. I’ve tried to stick to my stated mantra of “exploring the world of ideas through books” ever since that first post, reposted here:

Without getting too philosophical, we imbibe many of our ideas about the world around us, our relationships with others and insights into ourselves from what we read, in books, papers, magazines or online. We try to make sense of what we experience by fitting them into expected narratives (like Good versus Evil, or A Just World) or stereotypes (heroes and villains, tyrants and victims, helpers and bystanders) or personal scripts (“I’m on a personal journey” or “I deserve to discard these rags for riches”).

When books introduce or reinforce these memes I think it’s worth reflecting on the message that we’re receiving and the medium through which that message gets to us. It would be nice to think that some of these reviews will explore those ideas and aid those reflections.

Along the way I’ve also felt free to discuss tangential matters, from bookmarks to ghost followers, from poetry spam to threats to libraries and bookshops; and, good readers, many of you have stuck with me through thick and thin. (“Thick” is how I’ve sometimes rather clumsily expressed myself, “thin” is when I’ve not hit that post-every-third-day frequency.)

So, when WordPress wish me Happy Anniversary and thank me for flying with them, I in turn wish that you’ll continue to be as entertained by my commentaries as you often appear to be, and I also thank you for being fellow passengers on my frequent flights of fancy — despite so many being delayed in recent weeks. Bon voyage!

Chris Lovegrove

8 thoughts on “Still exploring the world of ideas through books

  1. Hi Chris, I am one of your frequent fliers who enjoys your “flights of fancy”. Passion and dedication are regularly served in your flights, therefore it is good to know that after three years, you still feel like having a lot to explore and give. Happy anniversary. Stefy.

    1. Thank you very much, Stefy, so very kind of you to say so. I’m hoping thay soon, after nearly six months of building works, some normality will resume, when I will be able to give loyal passengers like you the attention they deserve!

  2. Congrats, Chris. I’m not as regular a commenter as I’d like to be, but I enjoy your posts and appreciate your presence in the “blogosphere.” Thank you.

    1. It’s heartening that there are so many like minds in the blogosphere, and I do enjoy your posts, Josna — when I get round to them! Not long now, though…

      *** Postscript: my response seems to have come adrift from your comment, Josna, sorry about that. (It was originally posted on the same day…)

    1. Thank you! I’m sure you’ll get there — I’m surprised as I’d assumed from your assured writing that you’d already notched up a few years already!

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