Sitting room chaos

I owe huge apologies to bloggers I follow and bloggers who follow me, both here and on sister sites.

The house is in the final stages of chaos, we’re assured by our builders. (Well, they didn’t quite put it like that; they did say they’d be out by Easter because they had another job to go to after then.)

The picture shows the sitting room; we’re still sleeping in the room with bookshelves (the spare-room-cum-library) while I paint woodwork, walls and ceilings on the top floor. But while huge progress has been made there’s still an equally huge amount to be done.

And that’s why, dear reader, I’ve apparently been neglecting you. I hope you understand — it’s not because I’ve lost interest, just lacking time and energy. Normal service will, as they say, be resumed as soon as possible. But so sorry for the hiatus.


27 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Oh dear that takes me back to two years ago, we had our house pulled to bits, never thought it would end……but it does and you will love it when they leave and you can resume normal life……we will still be here for you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lynne, for such reassuring calmness! This is our fourth house, but having major building works doesn’t get any easier to bear — the hardest bit always seems to be when the end is, if not in sight, then just around the corner, but mentally you’re so exhausted you just want it to stop. At least this time round such a concentrated burst of activity has come at the beginning rather than spread out over years or just before we want to sell.

      And it will be worth it for a beautifully quirky 200 year old house on a medieval plot with friendly welcoming neighbours…

            1. It’s good to look back on what’s been accomplished so far — new roofs, new windows, new doors, new en suite, replaced cellar beams — and what’s current — new flooring on ground level, outside being painted, more new radiators — and remember the progress made in four months…

            2. Oh my goodness, you have been busy, but a least it will be all done in quite a short time, which is lovely. We have been landscaping our garden since last year, we have an acre and we are trying to make it as low maintenance as possible, we are getting there LOL 🙂

    1. Some day, no doubt, Sophia! At least that’s one of the spin-offs of retirement and no mortgage — one can both spend time expediting a project like this and have a saleable property with which to manoeuvre in the first place.

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