Chrestomanci who?

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Long regarded merely as children’s fantasy, Diana Wynne Jones’ Chrestomanci novels, like most of her work for the young reader, deserve more respect from adult readership. Her mix of apparent whimsy and magic with a small pinch of science fiction, plus the alliance of young protagonists with the most curious adult magician imaginable (he has a penchant for elaborate dressing-gowns, rather like Sherlock Holmes, but with added sorcery), might persuade those of us who have reached and passed the teenage years that the series is not for us. But they would be wrong, as I hope to show in an occasional series of reposts over the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “Chrestomanci who?

    1. Feeling anxious now! I shall post them in chronological order, but do start with Charmed Life, Sari, the first one she had published and for many readers their favourite — though for me whichever one I’m currently reading is my favourite!


  1. Chrestomanci must be Howl’s brother or cousin — and for me there isn’t enough of either in their respective series.
    This year I’m going to give the Dale Quartet another try. For some reason, I’ve never been able to get past the first few pages.

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    1. The Dalemark quartet is a bit more epic than either the Howl or Chrestomanci series, Lizzie, but I like all three for different reasons. Diana Wynne Jones for me can do little wrong but I know she doesn’t appeal across the board (which author does?) — I suppose that’s why I try to show what a rich imaginative landscape there is in her books for those who might not quite get her. I do agree though there’s not enough of Howl or Chrestomanci in the sequels. Good luck with your Dalemark revisit!

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