Phase I of unpacking an already heavily weeded library

Unpacking books was low down on our list of priorities, but the time eventually came to tackle the waiting boxes. No careful sorting at this stage, just transferring to existing shelves to see if the guestimated storage is adequate. And the answer is (huzzah!) it is! Sadly no “triangular wall of books” but at least it will be a whole wall, in what will be a guest bedroom. Hope guests won’t feel intimidated, just tempted!

There’s more art than science goes into arranging books, I feel, and I’m going to enjoy getting stuck into that when the time comes — though that may not be any time soon. I promise you will be first to get the update. Here’s a last look at how they were crammed into that pyramid.

Now those shelves, I hear you asking, who else had need of so much storage? The answer is Jeff Nuttall, who lived in this house for the last couple of years of his life, and whose books and papers filled all the space when we first came to view. Who he? I will leave that for another post; but if you can’t wait, there’s an informative Guardian obituary of this interesting polymath.

8 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. When I recently moved I started unpacking my books before anything else, so many of them had been hidden under my bed and inaccessible for almost four years. It was great to see them again but it sure made unpacking everything else quite difficult. And I don’t have enough bookshelves now. 🙂

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  2. I do know that fear (reality for you!) of not having enough shelves for those books which haven’t seen the light of day for — literally — years, Ashley. It’s painful, and I do share your pain. It’s a bit late for you now, but maybe next time it’s worth ruthlessly weeding before you move; then you’ll have surplus places in your new home to start afresh the joy of acquisition!


  3. From pyramid to parallel parking. I envy your task ahead, and as for it being the guest room…I think I’d be tempted to make it ‘my’ room where guests are permitted to kip!
    I look forward to the next instalment.


  4. Our bedroom will be minimalist-with-a-view while the guest bedroom doubles up as a library/study… Love the caption “from pyramid to parallel parking”, Sophia, captures it exactly!


  5. I can travel the past and take what I need to send me through the years
    What my father learned and his father before him will be there for my eyes and ears
    I can walk through the forest of the trees of knowledge and I can listen to the lessons of the leaves


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