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As I warned readers nearly three months ago, that hiatic moment in blogging is imminent, the lacuna in posting is nearly at hand, the break in calmgrove continuity is virtually upon us — so here is the advice given on August 30th to help you avoid feeling bereft. Meanwhile, sister blogs MyNewShy and Zenrinji will be reverting to that good old television standby — repeats — until such time as the promised normal service resumes. Which will be as soon as possible! Remember: keep calm and carry on reading…

At some time in the imminent future — but not immediately — we shall be moving house, resulting in a hiatus in blog posting. DON’T PANIC!

(Yes, I realise that you won’t necessarily be thinking that the end of the world, or the end of your world, has come, but the thought helps inflate my already tiny ego.)

When this moment arrives you can assuage your anxiety by following these simple guidelines:

1. Reread this post. It’ll help calm your nerves (the clue, by the way, is in the title of this blog).

2. Read the other pages on calmgrove if you haven’t already. Some good stuff here — Holy Grails, Arthuriana, Exploring…

3. Click on Random Post this can usually be accessed via the calmgrove icon top left corner of your screen. Warning: don’t mix this up with Report this content just because they both begin with the letter R. And don’t be confused when the drop-down includes fewer and different choices.


4. Find your favourite recent post, scroll down and click on Related which — by the magic of the WordPress backroom androids — should lead you to posts you may have missed on the same or a similar topic.

5. Above all, during this period of uncertainty DON’T PANIC! Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Just remember, keep peeking at calmgrove. And carry on reading.

Wise words from Douglas Adams via

26 thoughts on “Carry on reading

    1. Thanks, Dylan! A move could be weeks or even a couple of months away but for WP followers forewarned is forearmed, I thought! We’re planning to go from the Preseli Hills to the Brecon Beacons, so still with views but a bit less out on a limb.


    1. Thank you, Julie! I’ll probably schedule in some short posts and post reblogs just to keep up a presence, and hope that other bloggers won’t think I’ve just gone away…


  1. May I add, this may be a good time for your followers to pick up a few of your reading recommendations. We can play catch up with your reviews.
    I wish you great success with your move.

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    1. Thanks so much, Sari, for appreciation and good wishes. I haven’t gone yet — these stages are in the laps of the gods, and we may still be here some time yet — so I shall carry on as normal till then!


    1. Looks like it’ll be another two months yet now, what with buyers and sellers and solicitors and estate agents and builders and removers to arrange in some kind of joined-up pattern. And the form-filling, us educators know a bit about that, don’t we?! Must be similar in the States, so you’ll have all those joys to come. Deep breath…

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    1. Just to reassure you, Lory, we haven’t gone yet! Won’t be till probably early November now but as moving day approaches my online appearances will become more erratic! And, don’t worry, I am working on Deep Secret and enjoying the reread into the bargain!


    1. Yes, sorry, we’re moving to Crickhowell–but I shall still be following you to get my fill of North Pembrokeshire history and news! And we still have friends in West Wales so “shwmae” will remain in our vocabulary!


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