Still bookweeding


The cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld is well known for his Guardian cartoons, especially in the Saturday review pages. One of his more popular items appeared on the 9th June this year; entitled ‘My Library’, the books there displayed are colour-coded and categorised under the following headings, to which I’ve here added my own commentary as it applies to my shelves.

True, I’ve read many of my books, many of which I re-read or refer to, but as many are non-fiction or for reference I have to be honest and say, hand on heart, I haven’t read a significant proportion at all.

Intending to Read
Which leads on to Gauld’s second category, a group of books of which the consumption is devoutly to be wished. At some stage in the future. When I’ve finished some others.

Yep, that’s most of the reference and much of the non-fiction, and a fair few novels with tell-tale bookmarks sticking out of them showing where I’d got to last year or last decade. In a way, these belong to the second category.

Pretend I’ve read
These are mostly ones I think I read when a callow youth at school or university but which I most probably mugged up on in a review, a book of critical essays or, more recently, Wikipedia.

Saving for when I have more time
Because at the moment I’m far too busy updating my blog.

Will never read
But look how impressive they appear on my shelves.

Purely for show
Really now, you know from a previous post I’ve weeded these all out, don’t you?

Read, but can’t remember a single thing about it
Unless I check up on Wikipedia, and maybe not even then.

Wish I hadn’t read
Just a few of these, a reminder of how bad / misguided / outdated they are. Purely for research purposes, of course. Oh, and two non-fiction books on why The Da Vinci Code is the worst bestseller there ever was, just to remind me not to read Dan Brown ever again.

Well, there you have it. My library, courtesy of Tom Gauld. Maybe yours too.

And I’m still bookweeding.


5 thoughts on “Still bookweeding

  1. Love it!!!—once again affirmation of me and my books!!!—I’m really not one to read fiction—and if I actually do start one, finding it “non gripping” it goes back into one of those aforementioned piles–then the non fiction tomes that are laborious go to the “I”ll get back to that one” pile “when the mood re-strikes”
    So good knowing I’m not alone!!!
    and yes, since the blog came along about a year ago , reading time has been greatly curtailed 😉
    happy weeding!!


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