Still underwhelmed

oxford skyline

Guillermo Martinez The Oxford Murders Abacus 2005

A series of crimes:
are they related, and are
they indeed all crimes?

With its history, architecture and unique atmosphere Oxford is a great setting for novels, films and TV series, and has appeared in works as diverse as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials sequence and Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse series. I’d have high hopes for any novel with Oxford in the title, anticipating it would have that particular mix associated with the city, blended with classy writing. This was claimed to be a clever whodunit using mathematics and symbols to create a very Borgesian mystery, and the reader would surely expect to have their brain cells on high alert for a large proportion of this murder mystery.

However, I was underwhelmed when I first read this novel a few years ago, and remained underwhelmed on a later reading. Continue reading “Still underwhelmed”