Avoiding awkward misunderstandings


 False Friends: Faux Amis, Book Two Matador 2011

Avoid faux pas! Don’t | be le roi des imbéciles: | la libraire sells this!

If you haven’t already heard of faux amis (‘foe zammy’) then the chances are that you’ve not studied French at school, where the phrase and the concept would have been made very clear to the beginner. As it is, False Friends is really only aimed at those already in command of a reasonable understanding and vocabulary since beginners are given no concessions in terms of supportive pronunciation or grammar.

So, assuming you’ve gone as far as picking up the book knowing what to expect, what are you likely to find in this, the second of a series of books designed to help you “avoid those awkward misunderstandings”? Continue reading “Avoiding awkward misunderstandings”