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Deck the Annie Hall with …

The hashtag #xmasfyafilm has been producing a rash of proposed seasonal re-makes of films on Twitter. Below are some of my favourites so far (asterisked entries are ones I’ve posted); I’m grateful to Sari Nichols for drawing my attention to these — the last, but not least, entry is hers.

Food and other animals
The Pie Who Loved Me*
Every Which Way But Goose
Get Shortbread!
Roast Busters
I Know What You Did with the Last Satsuma
The Silence of the Ham
Three Coins in the Pudding*
American Mince Pie*
Days of Mulled Wine and Roses
The Right Stuffing
Singing in the rain, dear
Reindeers of the Lost Ark

No Country for Old Spice
No Socks, Please, We’re British
Presents and Sensibility
About a Toy
Yule of the Nile
Lord of the Five Go-old Rings
Bride of Frankincense
The Little Myrrh-made
Dial M for Myrrh
The Myrrh Cracked From Side to Side
There’s Something About Myrrh
Schindler’s Naughty List
Clear and Present Manger
Boxing Day of the Dead

20,000 Leaves Under the Tree*
The Texas Chainsaw Mistletoe*
Mistletoe Impossible

Jacob Marley & Me
Men Who Stare At Ghosts of Christmas Past

Honey I’m Fed Up With the Kids
One Hundred and One Relations
The Queen’s Speech
Three Wise Men and a Baby

Santa and his little helpers
Independence Sleigh
The Godfather Christmas
Nightmare on Elf Street
Journey to the Santa of the Earth
Claus Encounters
Me, My Elf and Irene
Every Which Sleigh But Loose
North Pole by North West

The Man Who Would Be Good King Wenceslas
Silent Night of the Living Dead
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
‘Twas The Dark Knight Before Christmas*

Snow Men Can’t Jump
Yule Got Mail
Quantum of Solstice
All About Christmas Eve
Xmas Men


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