End of Watchmen Tag-team Review

Watchmen is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels ever. To whet your appetite for a forthcoming review, here is a chronicle of the exercise Lizzie Ross and I indulged in on Twitter: a tag-team commentary in chunks of 140 words or less (including the hashtags #Watchmen and #tagteamreview).

Lizzie Ross

blue-bird-wallpaper-freeCalmgrove and I have spent nearly 3 weeks tag-team reviewing Alan Moore’s Watchmen (1986, 1987) via Twitter. No easy task. I think we both chewed metaphorical pencils to shreds as we worked to squeeze our reviews into Twitter’s 140-character message limit. As Calmgrove put it in a tweet to me, “Watchmen unexpectedly rich, complex/reviewing hard”.

If you’ve been reading my tweets in the sidebar, you’ve gotten only one side of the conversation. As a special treat for our fans and followers, here are our tweets, in order, first to last. If you haven’t read Watchmen, I suspect these won’t make sense to you, but perhaps they’ll make you curious enough to pick up the book. Definitely worth it.

DC HeroesLizzie Ross ‏‪ 15 Aug #tagteamreview starts today. inspirational photo. #watchmen nothing like these guys.

Chris Lovegrove 15 Aug Ch 1 Time running out for ex-vigilantes. Will they abandon lethargy to seek…

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4 thoughts on “End of Watchmen Tag-team Review

  1. I’m not a great comic or graphic novel reader but Watchmen (along with V for Vendetta) is a classic. A complex mix of alternate history, political satire and philosophy, I’ve read it a few times and never failed to find something new in the reading. I loved your commentary and bravo for managing each chunk in under 140 characters. My question is, did you both enjoy it?


    1. I certainly did, Dylan, even more than I expected to do! I hope I’ll be making it clear when I get round to the full review (in rather more than the 140 characters tweets allow). Glad you enjoyed the condensed commentary though.


  2. I’m not too much into graphic novels, although from time to time I do enjoy them. I’ve been hearing only good things about this one and I’ve been meaning to read it, along with From Hell and V for Vendetta, but I keep putting it off… Knowing that you enjoyed it that much, I might tackle it soon!

    Can’t wait to read the full review! 🙂


    1. To be honest, Paula, I never had any intention of reading this or any other graphic novels, not from a snobby point of view but because there was too much else to enjoy.

      But my son devoured all my old DC Comics in the 80s, especially Batman-related issues, and when they started to get seriously darker (as in the Knightfall series) he started to haunt specialist shops. So when he gave me Watchmen recently as a present I not only felt honour-bound to read it but also respected his judgement that this was a worthwhile novel.

      And so here we are. Do hope you find a chance to tackle it — perhaps my review will help convince you!


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