Hats off!

European beaver: Per Harald Olsen, Wikipedia Commons
European beaver: Per Harald Olsen, Wikipedia Commons

WordPress and Akismet have had some bad press recently, either from Support Forums or more particularly from disgruntled blogs, because of bona fide comments on blogs going straight to spam.

While the advice was to ‘be patient’ it was nevertheless very frustrating as time went by and requests for information were seemingly ignored.

Nevertheless, with little fanfare the issue seems to have been resolved for a number of UK-based bloggers in the last day or so, and we would like to express our appreciation for what must have been a particularly intractable problem. Hats off to all involved in beavering away behind the scenes! Let’s hope that whatever caused this kind of blip never resurfaces again.

TBM at http://50yearproject.wordpress.com/
calmgrove at https://calmgrove.wordpress.com

13 thoughts on “Hats off!

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  2. Love the beaver pic. The silence was deafening for a bit and frustrating. But I really do appreciate all of the hard work they put into resolving the problem. I said thanks on my blog as well and linked back to you. And yes, I hope no one has to go through this again. It wasn’t fun and I imagine it wasn’t fun on their end either. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Glad you liked the beaver pic! It has since occurred to me that the choice of photo to go with the title may have been a little inappropriate: weren’t both European and North beavers almost hunted to extinction to make headgear such as top hats and even Daniel Boone’s pelt cap?

      Anyway, I hope this episode is over, and never to be repeated. Hope you have a good weekend too, basking in the UK’s tropical heatwave!


  3. After reading TBM’s blog, I hopped right over to yours:-)
    Thanks to both you and TBM for your patience and perseverance with the issue. If I ever have this spam challenge (and I hope not), you’ve paved the way for a speedy resolution:-)


    1. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy what you see!
      Yes, it was strange how the problem was so selective; perhaps it really was to do with broadband suppliers such as BT and Sky.


          1. Thanks for all the links, which I’ve now perused at my leisure (in between talking to visitors and working with our builder). Sorry to hear you were hit with the same problem across the Atlantic all those months ago, and confused as to why the issue is continuing to cause exasperation and mayhem elsewhere: surely they should have sussed out the causes by now?


  4. Glad they are getting it right. Quite a tightrope, actually. We would shout really loudly if inundated with spam, but some bona fide comments seem to have picked up characteristics which shout ‘spam’ to the automated systems, and one gets annoyed at having to let them out.


    1. I’d not heard that bona fide comments had possibly picked up spam characteristics, Col. The majority of my comments to other blogs seemed to be going to spam for a while but I hadn’t changed my way of communicating, honest! On the other hand, I’d not had to retrieve anybody else’s comments from my spam file, as I check that regularly.


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