Spam, wonderful spam…


Akismet are the people who monitor WordPress blogs for spam. Well of course you knew that.

In their own words they monitor millions of blogs and forums, watching the methods and tricks used by spammers in real time. We know all about their spambots, comment factories, buffer sites and social engineering tricks. Akismet will use this knowledge to warn you when a spammer – automated or human – tries to sneak a spam comment past you.

So if you notice a comment in your spam folder from someone you don’t know, or linking to a web site you’ve never seen before, take a good look at it before you hit the Unspam button: in all likelihood, Akismet put it there for a reason.

This is a great service, and until about four days ago I very much appreciated it. I’d check the comments before deleting them and, yes, they were all bona fide (is that the right term to use in this case?) spam.

But on the 12th July I started to find that comments I’d posted on blogs I followed were disappearing just as soon I clicked on the ‘Post Comment’ button. Browsing WordPress Support Forums showed that I was very much not alone; and one blogger claimed that they’d had this problem for fifteen months. Surely when Akismet say their quest is “to rid the web of spam” they didn’t have this in mind?

WordPress staff assure us that Akismet are working hard to solve this issue on a case-by-case basis, and ask bloggers with this problem to be patient. In turn I wish to reassure bloggers I follow that if they’re not receiving my usual compliments or argumentative discourses it’s not because I’m neglecting them; you might just need to check your spam folder.

Of course I’d tell them all personally, but in the current circumstances…

Spam, wonderful spam.