Famous Jane Austen Inboxes by Mark Brownlow

This tickled my funny bone. I hope it does the same for you!

Jane Austen's World

If Jane Austen’s characters were transported to our age, how would they take to twitter and email? Mark Brownlow explores how several characters’  inboxes might look. The concept is pure genius and reading these creations is such fun! Enjoy Mr. Darcy’s inbox. (Here’s Elizabeth Bennet’s)

More Jane Austen inboxes here!

Click here to read the inboxes from Catherine Morland, Anne Elliot, Elinor Dashwood, and Elizabeth Bennet.


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4 thoughts on “Famous Jane Austen Inboxes by Mark Brownlow

  1. Very funny!
    Less funny is the fact that instead of the letters which would be quoted in novels of old, there is an increasing tendency in modern novels to have pages of tweets or fictional Fb communications. They may be true to modern life, but as a way of telling a story they do NOT work for me.

    1. I find it really interesting to think that in the past decade I’ve gone from handwriting or typewriting both formal and informal letters, often several a day, to struggling to remember when I last sent a missive by snail mail.

      And I remember pitying the poor sad people who felt the need to broadcast their thoughts via weblogs to strangers round the world: what was that about?

      Like it or loathe it the world has changed, our manner of doing things has morphed willy-nilly, and what we once considered inconceivable we’re doing right now. I feel we have to adapt either ourselves or the tools we have if we’re not going to feel out of kilter with life, now and in the future.

      But (like you I suspect) I still like to get long letters in the post!

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